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Specialised Lending

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Applying for a Private Loan takes minutes, thanks to our online portal.

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Preliminary approval

Our credit team reviews your application, and can then prepare a Letter of Offer immediately.

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All that’s left to do is sign on the dotted line!

Fast Private Funding when you need it

Fund your business or property without getting the bank involved! Australians are sick of dealing with the Big 4 Banks – they’re slow, inflexible and their strict processes limit how they can help you. Luckily, non bank lenders in Australia offers a quicker, easier alternative!

  • Deal direct with Private Lenders Melbourne
  • Hassle-free application
  • Apply online in minutes
  • Get approved in 24 hours
  • Based on valuation only
  • Private loans from $50,000 to $5,000,000

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Private Lenders Melbourne

We get it – who wants to deal with the big banks anymore?

If you’re sick of being treated like a meaningless number by the Big 4 or simply don’t have the time to wait weeks for the traditional approval process, private lending offers a quick and reliable non bank loans alternative to traditional property financing through the bank.

Arthurmac’s Private Lending solutions provide reliable and secure funding for your property borrowing needs. Commercial, residential, development funding – we will help select the loan arrangement that best suits your requirements.

By bypassing the bank, you’ll avoid the paperwork and lengthy approval process that comes with bank loans. Our private lenders in Australia can put cash in your pocket sooner – often in as little as 24 hours after signing, and in some cases, we can approve your private mortgages even earlier!

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Commercial Loans

Want to expand your business but can’t secure a commercial loan? Private lending gives you access to money that banks can’t. If you don’t have financials available but have equity in your property, then we can help. Purchase, refinance, receive working capital or get a loan for commercial properties and more with private commercial loans.

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Development Loans

Don’t have buyers lined up yet? Project running over budget? Insufficient paperwork? Not a problem with Arthurmac’s Private Lending services. Over the last 14+ years, Arthurmac has helped countless builders and developers with their projects with loans from $50,000 to $5,000,000.

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Residential Loans

So the big banks have said no – thankfully, there is another solution for raising capital for business or commercial purposes! Accessing equity in your residential or commercial property via Private Funding puts money in your pocket in no time, allowing you to achieve your dreams sooner rather than later.

Choose Arthurmac for reliable and
fast private lending Australia

With so much negative attention cast on financial services as of late,
it’s only natural to be wary of bold claims coming from mortgage brokers.

Luckily, Arthurmac isn’t like the rest. We offer solicitor loans, development loans, commercial loans and property loans without the hassle.

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About Arthurmac Private Lenders

The Arthurmac team is part of the MFAA and the AFCA. We are also an ASIC-licensed credit intermediary (licence number 385074).

Not only does this certify that we know our stuff, but it also certifies that all of your dealings with us will be conducted ethically, and are compliant with the MFAA Code of Practice and ASIC regulations.

And as one of the first specialists in Australia to offer private lending services, Arthurmac is uniquely qualified to help you with your private funding needs.

Unlike many financial brokers, our team is experienced in private lending services. We aren’t chasing the boom like others are – we’ve been providing fast and reliable funding to individuals, businesses and builders for over 16 years.

And you can be one of them!

What our clients are saying

5 out of 5 stars in Google

Clayton Schmidt

We can’t Thank you enough for helping us get into our dream House in sunny QLD. You kept us informed all the way along the process and I would without a doubt recommend you to anyone looking for a loan, refinancing or anything money related.

Drew Kellahan

I highly recommend the team at Arthurmac. Their knowledge with the finance industry ensured they found the right finance product for us. Look no further than Arthurmac for your finance requirements.

Toula Wilson

If you need a broker in the bayside area or anywhere for that matter you can’t go past Stuart and his team. They were a breeze to deal with from the 1st phone call until settlement.

Shawn Coombs

I can not recommend these guys high enough for private lending. Being self employed the banks were completely useless to us. David was amazing, he explained everything to us and walked us through the process all the way. 12/10

Frequently Asked Questions

Private Funding refers to loans that are funded by Private Investors. This type of funding was historically sourced via Solicitor’s Trust loans – however, these days Solicitors are no longer able to offer this service.

Instead Private funds are now accessed via specialist brokers or specific Mortgage Funds set up for this purpose of offering loans for business or commercial purposes. Generally these types of loans are assessed mainly on the value of the asset offered as security.

If you have equity in your residential property and it is registered in a corporate entity or you have a bona fide business or commercial purpose, you could qualify for a private loan. If your property is of a commercial nature such as retail, industrial or commercial you could also qualify for a private loan, regardless of who owns the property.


Our low doc commercial loans and development loans will make sure you will qualify without all the hassle.

First talk to one of our private lending specialists over the phone, by email or by using our online system. We will review your situation based on your income, assets, funds available, and specific requirements.

Our private lending specialist may then request the required supporting documentation and assess your application.

Private lending Australia is based primarily on valuation – however, applicants will still need to provide some documentation to identify themselves.

You will need to provide suitable identification such as a copy of your driver’s licence and an Australian or International passport, or birth certificate, Medicare card or credit cards.

In some cases, we can give approval on the same day, most cases however will take up to 3 days to be pre-approved.

Normally, it can take up to 3 days from the signing of mortgage documents for the funds to become available, although in some cases it can be available sooner.

No problem! As long as you have equity in your property, we may be able to help you get funded.