Monthly Income Mutual Fund

No unwelcome surprises here, just peace of mind.

Our fixed monthly revenue streams and set terms offer investors fixed income

monthly income mutual fund

While others may see these as downsides, for certain investors with a conservative outlook or specific financial goals, this stability is exactly what they want out of their investments.

Fixed income funds like the Arthurmac Private Debt Fund are a suitable investment opportunity for investors whose goals require a fixed monthly income rather than the chance of huge capital gains.

All the details about your investment from the maturity value, to the interest rate to your monthly receipts are locked in from the very beginning. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting into, and exactly what you’ll receive from your fund every month, regardless of how the market performs.

Fixed income funds

Our aim is to provide our investors with a stable source of passive income. While there is still a risk of capital loss with investing in mortgages, the likelihood of this happening is considerably lower than if you were to invest in the stock market.

This stability and predictability means that you will know how much monthly, as well as total income, you can expect to enjoy over the lifespan of you investment.

Fixed interest investments

Monthly income funds offer stability and peace of mind – and not just with their stable, fixed-amount payments either.

Fixed interest rates mean that you won’t need to constantly check interest rates each morning. A set rate ensures that you can go completely hands-off with your investment, confident that you’re not being affected by fluctuations in interest rates.

Low risk of default

You can never rule out the risk of default when investing in mortgages. However, our fund is set up to minimise this risk and maximise the stability of your investment.

Each application is thoroughly vetted by our experienced credit team who scrutinises the borrower, their financial history and ability to pay on time before deciding whether or not to accept them into our fund.

Putting the decision-making power back in your hands

As a select fund, the Arthurmac Mortgage Fund allows you to choose how your money is invested

Arthurmac For Investors

Each investor has their own unique goals, as well as risk tolerance. As such, an investment that appeals to one particular investor may not align with your particular financial goals.

The Arthurmac Private Debt Fund is a contributory mortgage fund, and as such, it’s the investors who have the final say over where their money is invested.

You will be able to choose which mortgages your money is invested in, instead of investing in a pool of mortgages. This allows you to make decisions that are in line with your goals and individual tolerance for risk.

Secure and best mutual funds for monthly income

Choose an investment that’s less likely to surprise you

Not all surprises are pleasant, especially when it comes to investing your money. Our fixed monthly income investments provide stability and reduce unwelcome surprises

Diversify your portfolio with a fixed income fund

Our fixed income fund offers a stable source of monthly income

The stability of mortgage investment and the fixed monthly income they offer make these investments a valuable addition to your investment portfolio.

A fixed monthly income investment offers a more stable and consistent monthly return, which can make these types of investments an attractive option to investors who are looking to diversify their portfolio and reduce their overall risk.

In addition to the greater security offered by mortgage investment, our mortgage fund also allows you to choose how your money is invested. As a contributory mortgage fund, the Arthurmac Private Debt Fund allows you, the investor, to choose which mortgage you invest in and how much.

We can present you with a diverse mix of mortgages from a range of borrowers. Each has its own repayment terms, allowing you to find an investment opportunity that best suits your financial goals.

fixed income funds

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