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30+ lenders lets you choose a low doc loan that’s perfectly tailored to suit your specific needs, the property you’re looking at and your ability to repay.



Arthurmac is part of the MFAA and the AFCA, and are ASIC-licensed credit intermediaries (license number 385074).


Loans up to $5 million

Whether it’s a home or commercial property you’re looking at buying, we can provide you with the cash you need.


24-hour approval

In many cases, we can approve your application even sooner – sometimes in a matter of hours.


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All you need to apply for a low doc property loan are…

  • Accountant’s letter/recommendation
  • Last 2 BAS statements
  • Previous bank statements
  • Income statement
  • Your ABN

You may have all of these documents. You may only have one. At Arthurmac, we work closely with the best low doc lenders in Australia, allowing us to find you a home or commercial property loan no matter how much documentation you may (or may not) have.

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“Is a low doc home loan right for me?”

You don’t have enough

Since we work separately from the banks, we aren’t beholden to the same strict lending requirements. This allows us to lend money without getting hung up on documentation – great news if you’re struggling to provide the documentation needed for a bank loan.

For example, if you’ve been self-employed for 12-months, we can loan 80% of a property with only a self-declaration and a letter from your accountant – no bank statements or payslips needed.

Faster approvals

Without the mountain of documentation to sift through, we’re able to approve your application significantly faster. The longest you’ll have to wait is 3 days for approvals, and in some cases we can approve your low doc loan within 24 hours.

We’ve built extensive relationships with private lenders throughout Melbourne and Australia, including our own Private Funding Line, allowing us to provide finance for business, construction and private borrowers quickly.

Loans for self-employed

Recently Self-employed? Coming off subcontract work or inconsistent employment? You may not have 12 months with an ABN, Financials or BAS Statements or other records that banks request.

Don’t let that stop you from getting an approval for Mortgage! Unlike traditional bank lending, low-doc loans allow you to fund the next step of your life without extensive documentation, making them perfect for self-employed borrowers.

You’re more than just your documentation

Your life, business and dreams are more than just numbers.
Unfortunately, oftentimes that’s all the banks and traditional lenders can see – if you don’t have the right documentation, you aren’t getting a loan!

At Arthurmac, we believe that every self-employed individual should have a chance to succeed, and that a lack of paperwork shouldn’t stop you.

That’s why we’re flexible, giving you other ways to verify your eligibility. Our property brokers know that your financial documentation won’t always tell the full story.

Low doc loans give you the money to pursue your dreams, even if you don’t have all the documentation to prove it. If you’re struggling to gather all the documentation needed to borrow money the old-fashioned way, get help from the experienced brokers at Arthurmac today.

Need a home loan?

Buying a home can be tough… especially when it comes to securing a home loan through the traditional channels.

As a self-employed individual, you won’t have payslips proving your income, which can make it hard to secure a loan the old-fashioned way.

Low doc loans allow for alternative forms of verification, giving self-employed borrowers the freedom to buy a new home, without the stress. You can borrow up to 80% of the value of the property, depending on what documentation you can provide.

Expanding your business?

Want to take your operation to the next level? Low doc loans can provide you with the cash you need to expand your business.

No more wasted hours searching the net. Vehicles, equipment, working capital, funding for a contract, renovations, a new commercial property… whatever you need, we can get you the money you need, and fast.

Getting into business for yourself?

Starting your own business can be tough, especially when it comes to getting a loan. Banks are becoming more conservative in approving business loans, requiring applicants to present more documentation and jump through more hoops than ever.

We simplify the process of getting a business loan. Don’t have enough documentation to satisfy the banks? Does the thought of organising references and statements stress you out? A low doc loan might be just what you need to get in business!