Securing Your Investments in a Changing Economy

Constant change in the economy, including times of uncertainty and downturn, is an unavoidable reality of investing. Clever investors will make sure they are prepared for these inevitable fluctuations, ensuring they have a well-rounded portfolio that can resist major challenges such as inflation, changing interest rates and even recession.

When it comes to your portfolio, some investments protect against inflation better than others.

Traditional Investments During Inflation and Recession

Inflation and recession historically have had a significant impact on traditional investments such as stocks and bonds. As the cost of living increases, investors often seek alternative sources of income that offer more stable returns, causing stocks and bonds to lose value.

Similarly, during a recession, many companies experience financial difficulties, leading to lower stock prices and dividends for shareholders. Bonds may also be impacted, as companies can struggle to make payments on their debts.

Since a recession is never completely predictable, it is crucial to prepare your portfolio for tough economic times in advance rather than waiting until your investments lose value when investing in recession periods.

Mortgage Investment Stability

While there is no such thing as recession-proof investments, one of the most stable options comes in the form of mortgage fund investment. Savvy investors looking to hedge against inflation and recession benefit greatly from the steady source of income that private mortgage debt consistently provides.

As a strong fixed-interest investment, mortgage funds focus on income, with very little volatility even in times of economic upheaval. Direct investments in property are a strong choice for those seeking capital growth, but there is still a substantial risk, with the property’s value directly affected by inflation and recession.

That is why private mortgage debt is one of the best investments in a recession, especially since a mortgage default is the last possible outcome, and the least desired for everyone involved. Even during a recession, people still need to pay their mortgages and will prioritise doing so.

Strengthen Your Portfolio With Mortgage Investment

Mortgage debt is one of the best investments during recession, offering a reliable option for those looking to secure their portfolio through economic turbulence. By focusing on income rather than capital growth, mortgage debt provides a stable, fixed-interest investment option that makes a strong foundation for any portfolio.

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Disclaimer: Please be advised that it is highly recommended to conduct thorough research and seek guidance from a financial expert prior to making any investment decisions. It is further recommended to regularly review your investment portfolio and make necessary adjustments to ensure it aligns with your financial goals.

Stuart Styles

Managing Director Stuart has 16 years of experience as a Financial Services professional having worked previously in asset finance & management roles within the Motor Industry.