Regulations in the broking industry are continuing to improve across Australia. Think of your broker as being a professional resource in the same way you think of your accountant, financial planner or solicitor. We are in the business of building ongoing relationships with our clients and to think of your best interests, not those of the bank.

  • 5 Rules you need to know when investing in mortgages in Australia Did you know that the total value of Australia’s housing market in 2021 surged to a new high of $9.9 trillion in the December quarter? This means that there

  • Alternative Investment Opportunities to Boost Your Portfolio Maintaining a strong investment portfolio is about more than going all in on one type of investment. For high-net-worth investors, it is essential to diversify your portfolio with a variety of investments, each with

  • Am I eligible to invest in mortgages? Are you looking for ways to diversify your investment portfolio? Mortgage investments can be a great addition for experienced investors, by creating opportunities to introduce steady and stable income. Subject to meeting ASIC Wholesale/Sophisticated Investor requirements,

  • Are mortgages a good investment? If you are retired, self-employed, or you are considering the options you have for investing, then mortgage investment is something you might like to consider. Investing in a mortgage is a great way to utilise your spare

  • Asset Diversity and Wealth Preservation For high-net-worth individuals, one of the biggest concerns is how to preserve wealth in times of financial instability. Strategic investment and wealth management are intrinsically connected, with the key to maintaining wealth being smart asset diversity.  A

  • Benefits of Investing in Mortgage With Your SMSF [Disclaimer: the following blog is not financial advice. It's best to consult your financial advisor before making any decisions] When it comes to self-managed super funds (SMSF), preparing for the future is all about

  • Commercial vs Residential Mortgage Investments Mortgage funds are one of the most attractive investments for high-net-worth individuals looking to balance their portfolios with monthly income. Mortgage investing is considered to be one of the safer additions to any portfolio, given that

  • Family Trusts and Your Investment Strategy When it comes to shaping your investment strategy as a high-net-worth individual, exploring various options is essential. One avenue that some investors consider is utilising family trusts as it may offer certain tax benefits when

  • First or Second Mortgage Funds – Which is Better for My Investment Strategy? Mortgage funds have emerged as a noteworthy investment, offering a way into the real estate market without the direct responsibilities of property ownership. Mortgage fund investment provides a

  • High-Net-Worth Retirement Strategies and Drawdown Planning For high-net-worth individuals, navigating the retirement landscape involves unique challenges and opportunities. While all retirees aim to protect their capital and enjoy a return on their investments, high-net-worth individuals often aim to manage funds for

  • How Interest Rates Impact Your Investments For high-net-worth investors, having a strong understanding of how interest rates impact your investments is critical, as the two concepts are intrinsically linked. By knowing the effects of high interest rates and what causes them,

  • As a high-net-worth investor, it is crucial to be looking out for new opportunities to boost your portfolio. Income investing offers a significant opportunity for generating passive income through your investments. Passive income investing allows you to generate consistent cash flow,

  • Inflation and Investing for Retirement: What You Need to Know In order to stay comfortable in retirement, you need to account for inflation as the cost of living will inevitably continue to rise over time. With the Consumer Price Index (CPI) increasing

  • Investment Options for Your SMSF Strategy Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) are a popular alternative to the traditional superannuation fund model, especially for high-net-worth individuals who may desire more control over their investments. Successfully managing a SMSF requires a well-planned investment strategy

  • Risk is an unavoidable part of investing, no matter where you are putting your money. Some investments have greater risk than others, but ultimately, no investment is guaranteed to yield returns. Savvy investors know that balancing investment risk is an

  • Investing is an essential part of growing wealth and maintaining financial security, but even experienced investors can feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of new opportunities available. Investors can become tempted by new opportunities such as cryptocurrency, however, it's crucial to

  • Savvy high-net-worth investors are always seeking new opportunities to diversify their portfolios with investments that offer regular income, some riskier than others. While high-risk, high-return investments are not for everyone, the potential for lucrative gains can drastically boost cash flow

  • Constant change in the economy, including times of uncertainty and downturn, is an unavoidable reality of investing. Clever investors will make sure they are prepared for these inevitable fluctuations, ensuring they have a well-rounded portfolio that can resist major challenges

  • The Benefits of Contributory Mortgage Funds For high-net-worth individuals looking to boost their portfolio through private mortgage investment, there are typically two options to consider: pooled mortgage funds and contributory mortgage funds. A pooled mortgage fund contains multiple mortgage investments, managed by

  • Investing in property can be an excellent addition to any portfolio, but as with all investments, it is essential to evaluate and understand the risks. One of the most important factors when it comes to assessing the risks associated with

  • What is a Non-Bank Lender, and How Have They Changed the Mortgage Market? The Australian mortgage landscape has experienced significant changes over the years, most notably due to the rise of non-bank mortgage lenders. Operating beyond the traditional banking framework, these

  • What to Know About Taxes and Investment When it comes to investing, understanding the tax implications of different strategies is crucial for maximising returns and making informed decisions. Capital growth investments and income investments have significant differences when it comes to your

  • What You Should Know About Investing in Private Debt Experienced high-net-worth investors know the importance of having a diverse portfolio that includes alternatives to traditional investments like bonds and stocks.  While stocks and bonds have the potential for considerable capital growth, more

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